Bucket Lists

More often than not I scroll through my Facebook account in search of bucket lists and have you ever’s posts. I find them fascinating, for myself and others. I truly enjoy weeding through my own past and find the awesome little nuggets of myself to share with others. I also love reading about others little nuggets of their lives, especially if I don’t get to spend as much time with them as I want or even to remember when with them virtually.

So as a mini writing project for me this weekend…I am going to try and create a bucket list of my own and upload it to here as well as my Facebook account. Hopefully some people will share, probably not others but that’s okay.

As I have been mulling over this little project for the past few days, I have been wondering to myself many options to include. Do I use just simple words for fill-in style or am I okay to use short phrases. I have filled out a lot of these on my own, but want to create a unique one I haven’t seen before.

So here goes and wish me luck!


Natural World

So my husband came up to me a few weeks ago and was describing his day at work. Apparently he was suing some of my lotion bars at work and a few of the “ladies” at work asked him about it. He told them my wife makes it. Now, he wants me to ready up a list of items I make. The list was really boring as I have no names or titles for my stuff as it is mostly a hobby with no real interest in making it into ¬†business. Especially because the natural world is already DIY exploding.

So I made my list but would love some ideas on titles for my stuff?

Help a girl out please?

Jenessicaleigh naturals

why I am here

Sitting here at work for another hour and wondering why I am blogging and who in their right mind would read my stuff. Probably no one, hopefully someone. Besides my mom! I love to write, not sure about what, not quite sure how to do this tagging thing yet. Wondering what am I ever going to write about.

I am a female in my mid 30’s, married, no kids. I work with with adolescent boys in a drug treatment group home. I am with my boys for 10 hours a day, four days a week. Plus my second job in retail. I live in the suburbs of St. Paul, MN.

Some of my passions include, ancient history, archaeology, fashion, homeopathic, paranormal anything, reading books (digital or paper), WRITING, watching movies and spending time with my beautiful husband and niece. There are probably more that I cannot think of right at this moment as I tend to have a bit of ADD when it comes to my hobbies. I will try a new hobby, every couple of months or so and then drop it like a hot bag of poo. My husband probably finds this very irritating; mainly because I never let any of the previous stuff of hobbies leave the house, I just collect and collect. I have tried many different hobbies including: arm-knitting, paper-crafting, baby mobile making, natural beauty products, drawing, painting, writing, jewelry making; and many others I don’t remember.

Some of my distastes can include but not always (dependent on my mood): people who repetitively ask the same question because they are not listening, disrespect to LEO’s and elders, bugs, snakes, bad grammar, loogey hawkers; and I am sure many more.

I peeked ahead at some of the assignments! I know bad girl! But, I am already thinking about a weekly feature, maybe something about the books I read or the people I meet. Not sure yet, maybe a possible combination of the two? A book I am reading and ¬†a person I have met who could fit into my book? HaHa. Who knows/ I sure as hell don’t.

I am thinking I should cut this short now as it is getting a but long winded and sometimes I have to tell myself to shut the hell up or get back to work as it is time to do bed checks here at the group home.

See everyone tomorrow with the next assignment!