Natural World

So my husband came up to me a few weeks ago and was describing his day at work. Apparently he was suing some of my lotion bars at work and a few of the “ladies” at work asked him about it. He told them my wife makes it. Now, he wants me to ready up a list of items I make. The list was really boring as I have no names or titles for my stuff as it is mostly a hobby with no real interest in making it into  business. Especially because the natural world is already DIY exploding.

So I made my list but would love some ideas on titles for my stuff?

Help a girl out please?

Jenessicaleigh naturals


Feature Friday Coming Soon!

I have been thinking about doing a weekly feature. I am uncertain what it is I am going to focus on for Fridays. I know Fridays are probably already busy, but as it is usually my only day off from the jobs, it is my best day to post. No hubby to distract in loving ways, no work kids to supervise either and no customers to be a slave to.

So I have a few ideas, but I am not sure what to share here. I feel a bit mean, cause I don’t want someone else to use my idea, though I doubt they are original. But….here is a list of some of my thoughts for “Feature Friday”.

  1. Character Biopics- I make up a character and flesh them out so to speak
  2. Words of Wisdom- things I hear from the mouths of my boys at work
  3. Book reviews- I read ALOT
  4. Natural Concoctions- some of the recipes and bloopers I make for natural beauty products
  5. My weekly to-do list with comedic commentary
  6. My Netflix addiction commentary and what to watch

Please leave feedback and let me know if anything even remotely sounds interesting.

When it all goes south

When it all goes south…Most know what this mean. This is the time we possibly dread, the times we don’t look forward to as this could be the one moment that could change everything.

When it all goes south for me includes many things, but usually centers around work situations and events. And yes I mean events as in a total preteen or adolescent meltdown.

I am sure you mothers and fathers out there have experienced them before and know exactly what I am talking about. Now imagine this child has mental illnesses, going through chemical withdrawals, behavioral issues and educational deficiencies. Yes, these explain most of my boys here at work.

All it takes is one imperfect moment for it all to go south. A temper tantrum, an unjust action, an untrue insult, or even a disproportionate slight. All it takes it one little thing to make the whole day be ruined, for me for them, for the rest of the house.





My addition to The Daily Post today is centered around the word buddy. Hmmm…

As a child a buddy was someone I could play with, as a teenager it was someone to conspire with, as an adult it was someone I could lament to. The term or definition of buddy is on a constant rotation for me. Let me explain.

As a child my buddy was a girl named Amber, she was two years younger than me, but as my neighborhood was predominately male we were pretty much it. We got along so well, I truly enjoyed being her friend and she seemed so much more mature for her age, especially for being a pre-teen. Probably because she had three older brothers. We grew apart as she entered high school and we went our separate ways, were are still friends via Facebook, but what does that even mean anymore? I certainly don’t call her when I need to talk, but I will always remember her as my first best friend.

As a teenager, my best friend had the same name as I , we had our rough patches, especially freshman year. We had a blowout and let a guy get between us, jerk! However, we remained friends and are still friends to this day. Probably the only friend I came out of high school with and kept ties to. We call each other every couple of months and see each other 1-2 times a year. Tragic, I know! She has two teenagers, while I have two jobs. I still have her Christmas present form 2015, yet to get to her! But she will always remain my best friend!

My adult best friend, my mom, cliche I know. But, she listens, and only judges sometimes. But mostly, she is the one I can turn to when I need to just vent my frustrations. Or when I need advice of being a strong, independent woman who still just’s wants her mommy to hold her. She is also the woman I admire and respect. She is the woman I aspire to be, I love everything about my mom, faults and all. If I could turn out half of what she is as a person I would be an amazing person. I don’t know where I would be without her.Shes my rock!



Lazy day really means…

What does a lazy day really mean to someone? To some it means sitting/laying on the couch watching TV or playing on the internet. To others it means getting shit done…finally.

For me, most of the time it is my alone time to get shit done I cant normally get done while my husband is around. Cleaning the house, laundry, little piles of whatever, spring cleaning my closet/his closet, paperwork filing; you know the boring stuff we know we have to get done but never make the time for until it becomes manically necessary.

I don’t have kids yet, so I know I have no idea on how manic life can become, but I do work a lot and sleep a little in between. but more often than not my time off is spent in the company of family/friends and getting shit done that needed to get done three weeks, I mean three months ago. The time I do spend “relaxing”, it is almost always in between projects, 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there. rarely do I have a whole day ahead of me to just no nothing. Even when that rare day does come, I am itching to get out of the house and find something to do. Inevitably that ends up being shopping for myself.

So  I guess I am supposed to write about who I am trying to reach in my blogging. My best answer, would be I have no idea. Whoever finds my writing amusing, inspiring, may be sometimes offensive. But that is okay, I don’t have to know who I am writing to, probably wont ever know. It is not like I can write to the mothers out there, as I have no kids. Cant write to the 30-something’s, because I am not overtly focused on any one thing. And face it if your already in your 30’s and can honestly say you have not once thought about having or even wanting kids, then we probably have little in common.


What do I want to say to my readers? read my posts, if you like them great, if you love them, like them or even comment. I am not writing for anyone else but me, simply because I miss writing. I loved it when I was in university, now I’m out and have nothing to write about. Cant rite about work because tat would be a gross invasion of privacy as well as very unethical. Can’t write about kids, cause I have none. Cant write about my hobbies, cause I cant decide on one. Cant write about something I love, because I haven’t found it yet (the something I am truly passionate about). Except writing, I love writing. sometimes as you the reader will notice, I tend to blather on.

Sometimes I catch myself, sometimes I don’t.


why I am here

Sitting here at work for another hour and wondering why I am blogging and who in their right mind would read my stuff. Probably no one, hopefully someone. Besides my mom! I love to write, not sure about what, not quite sure how to do this tagging thing yet. Wondering what am I ever going to write about.

I am a female in my mid 30’s, married, no kids. I work with with adolescent boys in a drug treatment group home. I am with my boys for 10 hours a day, four days a week. Plus my second job in retail. I live in the suburbs of St. Paul, MN.

Some of my passions include, ancient history, archaeology, fashion, homeopathic, paranormal anything, reading books (digital or paper), WRITING, watching movies and spending time with my beautiful husband and niece. There are probably more that I cannot think of right at this moment as I tend to have a bit of ADD when it comes to my hobbies. I will try a new hobby, every couple of months or so and then drop it like a hot bag of poo. My husband probably finds this very irritating; mainly because I never let any of the previous stuff of hobbies leave the house, I just collect and collect. I have tried many different hobbies including: arm-knitting, paper-crafting, baby mobile making, natural beauty products, drawing, painting, writing, jewelry making; and many others I don’t remember.

Some of my distastes can include but not always (dependent on my mood): people who repetitively ask the same question because they are not listening, disrespect to LEO’s and elders, bugs, snakes, bad grammar, loogey hawkers; and I am sure many more.

I peeked ahead at some of the assignments! I know bad girl! But, I am already thinking about a weekly feature, maybe something about the books I read or the people I meet. Not sure yet, maybe a possible combination of the two? A book I am reading and  a person I have met who could fit into my book? HaHa. Who knows/ I sure as hell don’t.

I am thinking I should cut this short now as it is getting a but long winded and sometimes I have to tell myself to shut the hell up or get back to work as it is time to do bed checks here at the group home.

See everyone tomorrow with the next assignment!