Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This Netflix Original is AMAZING! I love everything about this web series. Especially about the fact it is directed by Tina Fey, who can resist anything she works on, not me!

Kimmy Schmidt was supposed to be originally aired on NBC but was sold to Netflix (thank goodness) in 2015. This show stars Ellie Kemper as Kimmy, Tituss Burgess as Titus and Jane Krakowski as Jacqueline. These three are forever making a huge success of Kimmy Schmidt. This show will have you laughing out loud for the entire thirty minutes. The comedic dry wit is a crazy mix with the seemingly naïve antics of Kimmy, the main character.


The show anchors around Kimmy, a “mole woman”. She was previously trapped underground in a bunker by the “reverend” during the apocalypse. She was ultimately rescued by SWAT and set free. Her next decision, where to live? Should she move back to he hometown or move to New York?

Two seasons in and a third in the making, I cant wait to watch the next season!


Bucket Lists

More often than not I scroll through my Facebook account in search of bucket lists and have you ever’s posts. I find them fascinating, for myself and others. I truly enjoy weeding through my own past and find the awesome little nuggets of myself to share with others. I also love reading about others little nuggets of their lives, especially if I don’t get to spend as much time with them as I want or even to remember when with them virtually.

So as a mini writing project for me this weekend…I am going to try and create a bucket list of my own and upload it to here as well as my Facebook account. Hopefully some people will share, probably not others but that’s okay.

As I have been mulling over this little project for the past few days, I have been wondering to myself many options to include. Do I use just simple words for fill-in style or am I okay to use short phrases. I have filled out a lot of these on my own, but want to create a unique one I haven’t seen before.

So here goes and wish me luck!



So, I am reading a short young adult book right now titled Wraithsong (2014) by E.J. Squires.This book is the first in a series still in formation (Desirable Creatures Series).

This book is about a young girl whom finds out she comes from a very ancient species of human dating back to Norse mythology. and the Adam and Eve story. But her mom wont tell her anything important before her 18th birthday, where she will finally learn how to use her powers. But, alas, something terrible happens and the main character must go on the run and save her life as well as others. But, who can she trust?

So far this book reads very well, some parts I skip but that’s just me. especially the whiny, angsty teenager stuff. I do that for a lot of books tho. Long groupings of inner monologue tend to bore me and this author keeps it short which I love.

I will definitely be getting her second book.

He Never Died


Just finished watching He Never Died (2015), a classic, dark comedy starring Henry Rollins (Heat, 1995). This movie did start out a bit slow, but eventually picked up. It was a bit hard to follow in the beginning as I was not able to quickly discern where the movie was heading. Was this on purpose?

Basic concept, an immortal who must consume human flesh to survive. This immortal has been alive for a very long time. you’ll never guess who he is. However, he does reveal his identity very subtly about 3/4 of the way through the movie. The main character soon finds out he has a daughter, but this guy is not your typical dad.

Let me know what you  thought of the movie


Been a rough week(s)

I know I haven’t posted in awhile. Sorry about that. Work has been crazy and my house is full, six boys, 10 hours a day! I am exhausted at the end of the day.

But…I made time for date night this weekend with the hubby and the galpals. Went to Art A Whirl with the hubby, open studio event spanning the NE Arts District in Minneapolis. Dinner out at Pizza Luce, and home to crash!

So I basically had no time to post anything, my apologies. Also, had no time to think about the Feature Friday. Will think more on this this week and see what I can come up with on Friday, thinking I might debut something. Kind of leaning towards the Netflix idea, seemed to get a few likes for that one.



Lazy day really means…

What does a lazy day really mean to someone? To some it means sitting/laying on the couch watching TV or playing on the internet. To others it means getting shit done…finally.

For me, most of the time it is my alone time to get shit done I cant normally get done while my husband is around. Cleaning the house, laundry, little piles of whatever, spring cleaning my closet/his closet, paperwork filing; you know the boring stuff we know we have to get done but never make the time for until it becomes manically necessary.

I don’t have kids yet, so I know I have no idea on how manic life can become, but I do work a lot and sleep a little in between. but more often than not my time off is spent in the company of family/friends and getting shit done that needed to get done three weeks, I mean three months ago. The time I do spend “relaxing”, it is almost always in between projects, 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there. rarely do I have a whole day ahead of me to just no nothing. Even when that rare day does come, I am itching to get out of the house and find something to do. Inevitably that ends up being shopping for myself.

So  I guess I am supposed to write about who I am trying to reach in my blogging. My best answer, would be I have no idea. Whoever finds my writing amusing, inspiring, may be sometimes offensive. But that is okay, I don’t have to know who I am writing to, probably wont ever know. It is not like I can write to the mothers out there, as I have no kids. Cant write to the 30-something’s, because I am not overtly focused on any one thing. And face it if your already in your 30’s and can honestly say you have not once thought about having or even wanting kids, then we probably have little in common.


What do I want to say to my readers? read my posts, if you like them great, if you love them, like them or even comment. I am not writing for anyone else but me, simply because I miss writing. I loved it when I was in university, now I’m out and have nothing to write about. Cant rite about work because tat would be a gross invasion of privacy as well as very unethical. Can’t write about kids, cause I have none. Cant write about my hobbies, cause I cant decide on one. Cant write about something I love, because I haven’t found it yet (the something I am truly passionate about). Except writing, I love writing. sometimes as you the reader will notice, I tend to blather on.

Sometimes I catch myself, sometimes I don’t.