The sex talk

Ever had to have the sex talk with a kid/teenager? I have and it was not pretty. I’m saying, because I don’t have kids. I had to have this talk with a client from work. He had questions, apparently he thought I had the answers. Ummmm….no!

But I did anyways. I would rather be uncomfortable for a few minutes with someone else’s kid, then pay for their mistakes and watch their lives unravel. The awkwardness was palpable from both sides of the conversation. I couldn’t imagine how this kid got up the courage to ask a woman he has only known for a few months to give him information on sex and anatomy. Ack!

I wont go into detail about his questions, but lets just say he was very misinformed!.How misinformed you ask? Well, lets just say he thought girls only had two holes in their nether regions.

Looking back on it I laugh and laugh. Knowing I have this to look forward to with my own kids eventually. Or Will I get to skip this class because of sex-ed in schools. Maybe I will, or maybe I will just get the incredible precocious child my mother always said I deserved after the hell I put her through.


I am writing this post today because my boys are talking about STI’s in group today. They are currently talking about the myths vs. truths of STI’s. Which I know will only lead to more questions later and lots of giggling tonight. Instead of boys it will be like a girly sleepover here tonight.


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