All I want for Christmas…

We are already talking about what to do for Christmas in my family, mostly whether or not we are going to be trading gifts with each other. Some years we don’t trade gifts and yet mom of course ignores that and always gets me and my brother a little something. This year we decided not to get the parents a gift and to just trade gifts be tween me and my brother. I am not sure if I still want to do this. I think my bro would be okay with it as he is very frugal and not great at giving gifts unless of course he has a female to help him or I tell him specifically. So my big question is what to do? I don’t get gifts for my brothers and sisters in law as they are all well off and are more than capable of buying for themselves, plus I rarely see them and money is tight this year. I have the gifts for the kids, which we manage to deal with every year whether it is a homemade gift (this year) or a gift card (last few years). Like I said we don’t see the kids very often and don’t really know them well enough to not absolutely need a list.


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